come for the tacos, stay for the salsas


come for the tacos, stay for the salsas


Being a chef for me is a way to scream who I am as a person. And it comes in the form of a plate, a taco, a salsa, or whatever I’m cooking that day.

I believe as a chef, you don’t choose the style of cooking. The style of cooking chooses you. I was born in Tucson, Arizona but raised in Sonora, Mexico. And it is through the experience at BOCA that I hope to take you there.

On my chef coat, I have Sonora on one side and Arizona on the other. It’s a mesh of who I am as a cook. They are one country to me. And that one country is my kitchen.

As chefs, we’re passionate people who like to create. We’re artists. I’m always creating and playing with flavors and ingredients that I don’t think in the eyes of others go together, but in the eyes of a chef, we make it work.

Every day at BOCA is a new experience. Every dish is unique and eclectic. Each is like a pallet. Every color represents a flavor. Every color represents a heat. This is why I love what I do – every day I get to create something so original. And at the same time, so authentic and true to who I am.

Chef Maria Mazon
Founder, Owner and Executive Chef


BOCA is about taking the time to experience what Mexican food is. It is an Art. It is Elegant, Colorful, Original, Fresh.

There is a misconception of Mexican food as fast food – that you only get it on-the-go. At BOCA, it is not a fast food restaurant. We cook for you. We create food to order. It is about taking the time to experience what Mexican food is.

We offer you authentic Sonoran, Mexican cuisine. You can expect tacos, tacos like you’ve never had before. It’s the way I grew up eating them. The tortilla, made with corn or flour, no fried shell, with cabbage, guacamole, limes, pickled onions, and funky salsas. All with different notes of color and flavor.

Fused with my upbringing is where I was born as a chef. I try to make Tucson proud, and we source as much as we can locally to bring you a depth of ingredients.

Come with an empty stomach, open heart, open mind. And we’re going to show you, in our own eyes through a plate, who we are.

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