Changing the world one taco, one salsa at a time.

Outside the restaurant, BOCA caters private events. We will prepare a unique and individualized menu for your lunch meeting, big event or just a festive family dinner. Let us help design a delicious meal to fit your event!

Our catering starts at $12.00 per person, including:

  • One Choice of Protein (can be substituted for a vegetarian or vegan option at no extra cost per person)
  • Tortillas (corn and flour)
  • Chips
  • Two Salsas
  • Fixings (cabbage, onions, limes)
  • Warming Trays and Serving Spoons (this is included free of charge if we are delivering the order; it is not included if it is picked up by the customer, of which you may request this at an extra charge) 

Add $2.00 per person for extra protein, including an additional two salsas per protein. You may also choose a vegetarian or vegan option.

There is a flat delivery/setup fee of $75.00 (depending on location, please check with chef). Setup is buffett style, but we can accomodate to your needs, just let us know.

We also offer the option of cooking on site for an additional hourly charge ($75.00 chef hourly plus $25.00 hourly for server/sous-chef).

We can also offer a customized menu for your occasion. Cost will vary depending on what you request.

You may also reserve our patio here in our restaurant (same setup, buffett style taco bar). Please check for avaiability.

We also offer aguas frescas (optional) for an additional cost. 

Catering Inquiry

'Maria is as much an artist as she is a chef. And she is a master at that.'

~ Jerry Heintze, Flavor of Tucson ~
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