Chef Maria Mazon

BOCA is about taking the time to experience what Mexican food is. It is an Art. It is Colorful, Original, Fresh.

My Story

I was born in Tucson, Arizona but raised in Sonora, Mexico. And it is through BOCA that I hope to take you there.

There is a misconception of Mexican food as fast food – that you only get it on-the-go. At BOCA, it is not a fast food restaurant. It is about taking the time to experience what Mexican food is. The tortilla, made with corn or flour; no fried shell – this is real Mexican food. It is the food I grew up eating – with the cabbage, guacamole, limes, pickled onions, salsas. It is all so beautiful.

When I say I am an artist, it is because my salsas are super unique, super eclectic. Each is like a pallet. Every color represents a flavor. Every color represents a heat. This is why I love what I do – every day I get to create something so original. And yet so authentic.

Chef Maria Mazon
Founder, Owner and Executive Chef (2010-)

“For a two-in-one taste sensation, try a BOCA Tacos y Tequila taco dog—a Sonoran dog wrapped in a homemade flour or corn tortilla or cabbage wrap. Add the chips-and-salsa appetizer to sample chef Maria Mazon’s daily lineup of fresh and wildly inventive salsas served with fried-to-order chips.”

Maryellen Kennedy Duckett

National Geographic

“If you swing by the Tucson, Arizona spot on a Wednesday, you’re there on special taco day, and thus might be able to order a python, emu, wild boar, or venison taco—just a few of the recent offerings.”

Alex Van Buren

Travel + Leisure

“When it comes to making salsa, Mazon has no rules when it comes to putting together her eclectic combinations of colors and tastes. Boca’s award-winning salsas change daily, each filled with surprising new flavors from black fig to habañero banana and dozens in between.”

Thomas Veneklasen

Tucson Lifestyle

“With a menu that features 26 tacos, daily specials, a changing lineup of a half dozen salsas and what she calls Exotic Taco Wednesday, Mazon must keep innovating. It is what her customers have come to expect from the 6-year-old midtown eatery.”

Kimberly Matas

Arizona Daily Star

“According to the staff, one of their most popular tacos is the Macho. As the name suggests, stomaching this taco without dripping peppery tears on your table can be a test of bravado…”

Brandon Specktor

Arizona Daily Star

“Tucson’s unofficial salsa queen finds court in a new location on Fourth Avenue.”

Mark Whittaker

Tucson Weekly

“Mazon anticipates BOCA’s new beginning on Fourth Avenue.”

Melissa Vasquez

Daily Wildcat

“Tucson-born chef Maria Mazon creates new, fresh salsas daily with ingredients she grows behind the restaurant. On a busy Monday night, I tried varieties like Sriracha and yellow pepper, raspberry and Fireball, and cilantro and cardamom. The Mexican-raised chef’s one-of-a-kind tacos and accompaniments are a must-try, and she makes it a point to pair with local beverages.”

Ashley Day

USA Today

“People think because it’s Mexican food that it can’t be elegant. I respect Mexican food. I play with color and texture. I make food an art.”

Lisa O'Neill

Edible Baja

“Cooking is something that’s always been really natural for me. A few years ago I might have considered going to culinary school, but I find that I’ve really absorbed the best techniques naturally.”

Nina Terrero

NBC Latino

“Mazon cooked that first dish when she was 21. At 22 she opened a catering company. “Little by little I kept going, and in May 2010 I opened Boca,” she explains. ‘I always say getting into the restaurant business was one of the most beautiful mistakes I ever made.'”

Linda Brewer

The Desert Leaf

“Other than my wife on our wedding day, Chef Maria is the only woman who has ever brought me to tears.”

Matt Russell

Inside Tucson Business

“Secret Power: Can make delicious tacos out of virtually anything.”

Mari Herreras

Tucson Weekly

“Tucson’s Boca Tacos moving into former Delectables restaurant space.”

Cathalena Burch

Arizona Daily Star

“Mazon said she started Boca because of her pride and love for Mexican food. She perfects the simplicity of the taco; every taco comes with fresh cabbage and homemade guacamole as well as a variety of salsas that include the classic pico de gallo or the surprising banana habeñero.”

Stew McClintic

Daily Wildcat

“Mazon says she was driven to cook after working in Amercanized Mexican restaurants and witnessing the horror of plates ‘smothered in yellow cheese and sour cream.'”

John Briley

Washington Post

“This is where the humble taco gets a little fancy and while you’re waiting don’t hold back on the house made chips with a range of spicy salsas.”

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Pebble Magazine

“Côté nourriture mexicaine, Seis Kitchen et Boca Tacos offrent des plats savoureux. Le second est réputé pour ses sauces qui accompagnent les tacos.”

Charlotte Oberti

Liberation Magazine

“Tacos are beautiful in a way that’s difficult to explain to someone who’s never had one. Paired with the right salsas, tacos can help one achieve an unparalleled plane of bliss, or one of sweat-inducing shock, appropriately summed up by Boca Tacos Y Tequila’s marquee: ‘Our Salsas Are Hotter Than Your Wife.'”

Jackie Tran

Tucson Foodie

“Strict locavores, look away for a minute! The campus area restaurant Boca Tacos y Tequila ventures into new taco territory with its off-the-wall salsas and globetrotting Mexican fusion.”

Andi Berlin

Arizona Daily Star

“Mazon grew up in Sonora, being taught from an early age what a taco is supposed to be. Every time she sees tacos on a menu with *gasp* lettuce and sour cream, she renews her pledge to change the world, one taco at a time.”

Matt Russell

Inside Tucson Business

“Chef Maria started Boca Tacos and Tequila on Speedway almost 5 years ago. She loves what she does just as much today, if not more, crediting her daily-changing salsas for keeping her on her toes, challenging her creativity and forcing her to think outside of the box.”

C.J. Hamm

Tucson Weekly

'Maria is a Salsa Whisperer'

~ Christy F, Yelp Elite ~
533 N 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ