From Your Kitchen to Your BOCA

Join us in cooking the #artofboca from your very own home!

Greek Yogurt and Cilantro Sauce

πŸ’‹Cilantro (1 cup; substitutes: basil, mint, rosemary, or herb of choice)
πŸ’‹Greek Yogurt (1 pint)
πŸ’‹Canola Oil (1/2 cup)
πŸ’‹Apple Cider Vinegar (1/2 cup)
πŸ’‹Garlic Powder (1 tbsp; to taste)
πŸ’‹Black Pepper (1 tsp; to taste)
πŸ’‹Salt (1 tsp; to taste)
πŸ’‹Maggi Seasoning (1 tsp; to taste)
πŸ’‹Serrano Peppers (2)

Grilled Vegetables

πŸ’‹Select Your Vegetables of Choice
πŸ’‹Season with Canola Oil and Salt/Pepper or House Seasoning (salt, pepper, chipotle powder, garlic powder, rosemary, lemon peel)
πŸ’‹Season Again After Grilling
πŸ’‹Serve Cut or Whole, Hot or Cold

PastaΒ Salad

πŸ’‹Pasta (2 cups; boiled al dente)
πŸ’‹Greek Yogurt Sauce (1 cup)
πŸ’‹Bell Peppers (2 halves)
πŸ’‹Green Apple (1/4th)
πŸ’‹Purple Onion (1/4th)
πŸ’‹Kiwi Berries (4 whole)
πŸ’‹Seasoning (salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and canola oil to taste)

Skirt Steak Taco

πŸ’‹Cherry Tomatoes (6 halves)
πŸ’‹Basil (2 tbsp, chopped)
πŸ’‹JalapeΓ±o (1/2 pepper)
πŸ’‹Seasoning (salt, garlic, maggi sauce, canola oil to taste)
πŸ’‹Corn or Flour Tortilla; Lettuce or Cabbage Wrap
πŸ’‹Greek Yogurt Sauce (1 tbsp)
πŸ’‹Avocado (1 slice)
πŸ’‹Skirt Steak (4 oz; wait until raw side releases the juices, then salt; when meat is ready, let it rest before cutting)